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NextStep Tech for Parents

Supplement your teen's education

Our aim at NextStep Tech is to supplement your teenager's high school education by exploring software development as a hobby, entrepreneurial endeavor, and as a means to hone skills useful for the rest of his or her education.

A college-like experience

Our courses are taught at a college preparatory level. Classes consist of interactive lectures to introduce concepts followed by hands-on laboratory sessions where students practice their coding skills. Assignments are designed as both exercises to learn material as well as actual components that are used in their "Evolving App."

The learning process continues outside of the classroom — students collaborate with their peers and instructors through our course website. Lectures are recorded and available online the same day, just as you would find at top tier colleges. Lecture notes, assignment assistance, and other instructional materials are available as well. Students have 24/7 access to instructors via our course forums, and since students work on projects together they can always review material with their team.

The Evolving App

In each of our courses, learning is motivated through a featured project. For Level I, the project is a web application. We accomplish the equivalent of a "final project" by starting it on Day 1. Each weekly exercise, carefully designed by the course staff, serves as a component to the overall Evolving App. The exercises reinforce course material while fostering creativity as each team creates a custom component for their app. Using this method, we take students through the design process from idea to implementation.

Examples of Evolving Apps:

  • Using real-time Facebook or Twitter data to control aspects of a multi-player game
  • Blog site with chronological filters and commenting system
  • Linguistic analysis and custom "MadLibs" generator for political speeches
  • Lyrics and sheet music finder
  • and more!

Learning more efficiently

Programmers use collaboration tools to organize information and share ideas. We introduce these methods and concepts, such as version control and bug trackers, to help students collaborate more efficiently on group projects in any subject.

Through the nature of our course material, our students become computer power users, accessing operating system features with which they may have been previously unfamiliar. Taking advantage of these features can improve efficiency when using computers in general, facilitating better time management — an essential skill for success in college coursework.

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