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NextStep Tech for Educators

A supplement to the curriculum

At NextStep Tech, we realize the merits of semester- and year-long courses academically focused on a specific language or concept. Our courses are designed with a "top-down approach," meaning we introduce a variety of technologies that enable students to create dynamic web applications rapidly. With the knowledge learned from our Level I course, students will have a sense for what languages, frameworks, or API's they need to develop a real product from any idea.

Our courses supplement the high school computer science curriculum. We provide a way for students interested in software development to cultivate their skills, perhaps before computer science electives are available in their school. When the time comes to take more advanced computer science courses, the students will know what they want to study, and more importantly, why.

Thinking like an engineer or researcher

We teach the fundamentals of programming, and through our courses, students will hone their skills of deductive reasoning, problem solving, and logic. "Troubleshooting" is essential to programming and web design. However, the skills we teach have much broader applications. The concepts of confounding variables, positive and negative controls, and trial-and-error are used everyday in solving real-world engineering problems and performing scientific research. Students with a headstart to thinking like a researcher will be able to design well-crafted research projects and experiments while they are in high school &mdash and beyond.

Teamwork skills to solve problems

Software development is most efficient (and fun) when done as a team, and programmers have a long history of using powerful collaboration tools to accomplish tasks. Concepts such as "revision history" are now gaining mainstream popularity with the advent of online tools such as Google Documents and Spreadsheets. Our curriculum fosters teamwork to solve problems and complete assignments. Not only will our students exercise their teamwork skills, they will also be familiar with collaborative software tools that are useful for group work in any subject.

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