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About NextStep Tech


Software Programming

We teach students how to develop complete web applications using the latest technologies available. Focus is given to proper programming practices and software engineering skills. We don't just teach basic HTML (the "content formatting" code for web browsers), but also encourage an entrepreneurial spirit and critical thinking for real world solutions. We believe this is the core of a great computer science education.

During our Level I course, students will acquire skills to collaboratively develop a multi-part dynamic web application in a hands-on, lab-style format.


Beyond Software

Understanding the process of software design and development opens the door to a new way of thinking that is useful in numerous disciplines. Concepts of logical flow and troubleshooting are essential to engineering, scientific research, and even medical diagnostics. The skills our students learn give them an early advantage to thinking about research design for science, technology, and engineering competitions.

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Young Entrepreneurs

The software sector is ideal for the busy high schooler with an interest in entrepreneurship due to its very low barrier to entry and time flexibility. As inspiration, we feature guest lecturers who turned software ideas into profitable companies. Our keynote speaker for the spring term will be Caterina Fake, co-founder of Flickr. With the skills learned in our course, students can take a business idea and develop a software product by themselves or with a team. We supplement what students are already learning in school by going beyond introductory concepts and giving them the skills to build professional software systems.

The NextStep staff will work with students to find projects where they can continue to practice and develop their skills. The demand for software developers increases every day, and a student could quickly earn back the cost of tuition.